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Rapid Pharma Development Team

Dr. Robert Hett

Managing Partner


Mobile CH: +41 79 471 9502

Mobile D: +49 1761 471 9502

Chemist RWTH-Aachen
Postdoc University of Notre Dame, USA

Key experience:
Business Development, Process Chemistry, API Development, GMP, CRO Management, CMC Project Management, Audits, Patents, Publications, Board member of OPRD

Previous Experience:

Carbogen: Site Manager, of a pilot plant of 80 people, API custom manufacturing for early phase development under c-GMP

Senior Research Chemist


Dr. Dieter Krimmer

Managing Partner


Mobile CH: +41 76 328 3337

Mobile D: +49 1761 328 3337

Chemist, TH Stuttgart

Key experience:
Project Management, Fermentation, Chemical and Formulation Development, Drug Product, Regulatory Experience (FDA, EMEA, Bfarm), Validation, Qualification, Audits and Inspections

Previous Experience:

Independent Consultant:

CMC Management for e.g. Gilead, Trigen

Hofmann La Roche:

Technical Team Leader for the products INVIRASE®, VIRACEPT®, TAMIFLU®


Dr. Jens Schlegel
Associate Partner


Mobile CH : +41 78 712 4053



Chemist, University Ulm

Economy, Graduate School of Business Administration (GSBA) Zurich

Key experience:

Drug Substance and medicinal product development, scale up, validation and commercialization, Analytical Method validation, CMC Project Management, CDMO auditing and supplier qualifications, RA, QP and QA.

Previous Experience:

Phoenixus AG: Head CMC Global

Tillotts Pharma AG: Head Technical Alliance

RohnerChem AG: Head Chemical Development

Siegfried AG: Head Chemical Development

SynphaBase AG: Marketing Manager

Carbogen AG: Senior Chemist

Dr. Jens Schlegel.png

Freelance Partners

Patrick Page, PhD, MBA
Freelance Consultant for RPD


Decode Pharma Partners
3 Cours Charlemagne
69002 Lyon, France
Mobile : +33 6 46 80 05 59


PhD, Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Uni. of Toulouse; 

MBA, Management in Healthcare, INSEEC Paris

Key experience:

Experienced drug developer and biotech entrepreneur. Founder and co-founder of 3 Biotech companies (Genkyotex on French stock market, Epiremed, Conicmeds). Full-time and part-time executive positions (CEO, CSO, CDO/COO) in several early stage biotech companies. Appointed permanent scientific advisor for the Biopark of Brussels South Charleroi (Wallonia region, BE). 22+ years in pharmaceutical industry: Strategic Project Management, Leadership and Execution, Target Validation, Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, Preclinical Research and Development, ADME/DMPK/Tox. Filed >25 patents, designed IP and in-licensing strategy, and led patent portfolio for several companies. Inventor and key contributor for Nolasiban, OBE-022, Setanaxib. Major contribution in the birth, business plan, business and R&D strategy, discovery and development plan, and fund raising of several biotechs/spin-off either as executive/non-executive member or acting as a freelance consultant (Genkyotex, Epiremed, Epics Therapeutics, Conicmeds, Gepeceron,…). Multiple due diligence for VC firms, Business angels, TTO and research institutions.

Selected Previous Experience: 

Conicmeds SAS (FR): 

CEO, Director of Preclinical Development and CMC. Membrane nanospacers targeting pulmonary obstructive diseases

Epiremed SAS (FR): 

CSO, Director of Drug Discovery. Compounds targeting epigenetic enzymes for cancers

Genkyotex SA (CH):

Senior Research Advisor. R&D process; Metabolic and Ophtalmological programmes.

Serono Pharma (CH) :

Senior Project Director preclinical development; GPCR, Kinases, Ions channels modulators for several therapeutic indications

Astrazeneca (SE) :

Project Director drug discovery programmes; Discovery research on several programmes

Photo 2 Patrick Page.jpg

Dr. Olaf Mundszinger

Freelance Consultant for RPD

A&O Pharmadienstleistungen

Am Sattel 17

D 79588 Efringen-Kirchen


Phone: +49 7628 950 3119

Mobile: +49 170 275 0459





Chemist University of Freiburg and Saarland

Study of Pharmaceutical Sciences, QP


Key experience:

Qualified Person, GMP, Audits, Pharmaceutical Quality System, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Validation, IMPD Writing


Previous Experience:

Develco Pharma: Head QC, Managing director QA, QP

CU Chemie Uetikon: API manufacturing development, QC

Dr. Olaf Mundszinger

Dr. Timo Schmidt

Freelance Consultant for RPD

Managing Director
Talisto GmbH
Neuhofstrasse 18
CH - 8834 Schindellegi


Phone: +41 44 542 11 20
Mobile: +41 79 969 05 38

Pharmacist, Universities Würzburg and Munich, Germany 
Ph.D. University of Basel, Switzerland
Executive MBA, Instituto de Empresa, Spain 

Key experience: 
Product Development from concept to technology transfer including regulatory processes, Product Strategy and Life Cycle Management, IP Management, Licensing- and Business Development, RP/QP/fvP services (Switzerland), CDMO and CMC Project Management, Start-Up support (food, pharma, cosmetics). 

Previous Experience: 

Chief Scientific Officer, Member of the management board; overseeing R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Drug Safety, Intellectual Property, Technical Operation and Quality Management. Bone diseases, oncology supportive care, metabolic disease (PCOS)


Co-founder, CEO and board member; building a product development and CMC service company from scratch (formulation development, analytical services, technology transfer). Various product classes.


Director Corporate R&D; global R&D and product development strategy and -services management for Temmler Group (4 R&D sites, 1 built out), business development, client consulting.


Various roles with increasing responsibilities from sourcing of APIs to international tech transfer and product development. 


Dr. Goran Westerberg, Ph. D.

Freelance Consultant for RPD

La Crocina Pharmaceutical Consultants Lp



PhD Radiopharmacology, University of Uppsala, Sweden

Key experience:
>30 years in pharmaceutical industry: Clinical and Regulatory Development, Early (Phase I-IIb) clinical studies, Preclinical Development, Due Diligence evaluations, Project Management. Experience from >600 clinical trials, including 36 FTIH studies.

Previous Experience:

Siena Biotech SpA:

Director, Clinical & Regulatory Development. Neuroscience and Oncology programs.


Pfizer/Pharmacia Inc:

Director, Clinical Pharmacokinetics. CNS-, Urology-, Oncology and Cardiovascular programs.


Pharmacia & Upjohn:

Senior Research Advisor. R&D process; Clinical and Regulatory Management.


Uppsala PET Centre:

Associate Director; Clinical Pharmacology studies.

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